like nike

I do this thing where I know I want to do a Thing but then the idea of doing the Thing feels the slightest bit overwhelming so then I kinda just don’t do the Thing, unless there’s a deadline involved. Then I do the Thing at the last possible minute.

And that happens with a lot of Things.

Updating my photography Instagram. Finishing summer applications. Planning lunch dates.


So there’s some transparency to explain the silence from me, but I’d like to start using my voice again. There are like ten different topics I want to write about, they’re just floating around my head day in and day out and new ones keep formulating so I should just *write* about them, right? Like a lot of other things, I need to just do it. This is me doing it. Continue reading “like nike”


the month i’d turned nineteen

i decided to write a book

i’d been saying it for ages but when i’d think about the pages i’d have to fill i’d just crumble under the responsibility i knew that God had given me

i was overwhelmed

like i had been for years, but it felt like my cries were falling onto deaf ears

and it felt like motivation

to finally be heard 

so the month i’d turn nineteen

i decided to write a book

none of my old poems would be in it and the pages would be granite

or maybe crimson

maybe periwinkle

but it would be beautiful

maybe you’re turning nineteen or twenty two or seventy three but please don’t be like me if you have a book you need to start, or any piece of art, anything that’s on your heart

maybe today’s the day