I’ve thought a lot about my mission statement these last few weeks.

The plans I’d laid out for myself.

I remember being in the shower (one of the best places to think) and realizing that I should’ve written “attempting to achieve absolutely amazing arrays of assonance”, not “of alliteration”.

I remember writing a poem in my bed (another great thinking spot) at 4 am and realizing that I should’ve given myself more space and time to be in the Word, instead of just trying to find my place in the world.

These last few weeks, I’ve been looking for my pace. I’ve seen time and time again how feeling pressured can hurt my performance, so I gave myself a break. As an instrument, a vessel for His use, performance is a priority, but I can’t read His sheet music if He hasn’t taught me how. I needed to relearn the importance of learning.

It feels like I took 73 steps back from social media these last few weeks, but now I’m back on platforms like Twitter, where I’m constantly sharing the tweets and works of others who are letting God use them. The Christian community is ever-growing and ever-learning; be sure to check it out and challenge it for yourself.

This is like a “new year, new blog” announcement, because this blog will continue to grow as I do. Things may be reworded, or restructured, but I’ll keep sharing as I feel lead. Maybe I’ll have more addenda down the line, but I’d rather add than delete.  It’s important to keep track of your progress so you can learn from your mistakes. See everyday as another chance to start anew and be renewed. Figure out what works best for you, because you’re not your best you yet.

Always push forward.

be blessed bbys ✨

my testimony

how intricate am I
woven like a basket
over, under
how, I wonder

can you see through me?

I wish I could see the beauty in myself
but I’m full of holes

so holey, so holy
Holy Lord, help me

I pray today
but what about yesterday?

how much can I hold?

take my arms, Lord
hold me, remold me
make my purpose clear

I can’t pour what You haven’t given me
I can’t collect what isn’t meant for me

save me before I break
into pieces
into peace


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