I’ve thought a lot about my mission statement these last few weeks.

The plans I’d laid out for myself.

I remember being in the shower (one of the best places to think) and realizing that I should’ve written “attempting to achieve absolutely amazing arrays of assonance”, not “of alliteration”.

I remember writing a poem in my bed (another great thinking spot) at 4 am and realizing that I should’ve given myself more space and time to be in the Word, instead of just trying to find my place in the world.

These last few weeks, I’ve been looking for my pace. I’ve seen time and time again how feeling pressured can hurt my performance, so I gave myself a break. As an instrument, a vessel for His use, performance is a priority, but I can’t read His sheet music if He hasn’t taught me how. I needed to relearn the importance of learning.

It feels like I took 73 steps back from social media these last few weeks, but now I’m back on platforms like Twitter, where I’m constantly sharing the tweets and works of others who are letting God use them. The Christian community is ever-growing and ever-learning; be sure to check it out and challenge it for yourself.

This is like a “new year, new blog” announcement, because this blog will continue to grow as I do. Things may be reworded, or restructured, but I’ll keep sharing as I feel lead. Maybe I’ll have more addenda down the line, but I’d rather add than delete.  It’s important to keep track of your progress so you can learn from your mistakes. See everyday as another chance to start anew and be renewed. Figure out what works best for you, because you’re not your best you yet.

Always push forward.

be blessed bbys ✨

a quartet, and a question



​ Last night, I performed my poetry for the first time. I’ve actually been writing for over five years, but my first true poem was about Cheerios (I’m easily inspired; don’t judge). Still, if you would’ve told me that I’d end up on stage, not singing with my a cappella group, not receiving an award, but reciting my poetry? I would’ve laughed in your face. For at least five years, that’s exactly what I did. I’d push back at every nudge towards a platform, nervous and nauseous at the thought of feeling so exposed. But growth is a never-ending journey, and last night, a new bud bloomed on the tree of my life.

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1.22.17 – road trip

I can see the layers of the clouds

covering the sun


like me, surrounded by a shroud

like me, burning proud


I can see the trunks of the trees

covered by none


like me, bare and open

like me, strong and certain


I can see the rivers running past

covering rocks below


like me, fast and steady

like me, dark and heavy


and I can see the mountains

covered by none


like me, unmatched by all

like me, standing tall



something corny from a Cornell student

I know a lot of my college friends dread #examszn, a week-ish long period when they have exams for all of their classes.

We don’t have that at Cornell.

Up on the hill, each class independently schedules its prelims (preliminary examinations). For some students, this means that they’ll have one prelim a week (if any), a coveted arrangement that makes it easier to balance the many demands of college. Others can have weeks of pure bliss sporadically punctuated by back to back to back prelims and midterms and interviews (oh my!).

I’m currently caught in the second situation, so I’ve been juggling a lot of information; some of it educating, and some of it edifying. In biology, I learned something that brought the two together.

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1.18.17 – orchestra

time to tune up

why’s the pit so sparse?

you can’t make music if you don’t have heart


the show’s about to start


it should be a symphony

but the timpani, it’s not drumming

the conductor, when’s she coming?


and the audience

they expect you to perform

they expect to feel reborn

they expect


they lack respect


don’t feel so torn


the violins will be bright

bows dancing in the light

the boom of the bass will be just right

and it’ll all move in unison, what a sight

but the conductor, when’s she coming?


she’s the one who put it all together

the pieces, the piece, the peace

but she’s lost

it should all come together

but at what cost?


the show must go on

we must hear her song



summarized: The White Elephant | The Power of the Hedge x Dr. Matthew Stevenson (7/7)

When God is bringing you out of sin in your flesh, there’s going to be a long period of time where you will struggle against it. You will have to have extremes on the boundaries you set, especially if you’re surrounded by people who are undecided. Wear the ash and sackcloth Continue reading “summarized: The White Elephant | The Power of the Hedge x Dr. Matthew Stevenson (7/7)”

summarized: The White Elephant | Extreme Life x Dr. Matthew Stevenson (6/7)

When you are on your way out of sexual sin, God is going to call you into a season of divine extremes. If the people around you are uncomfortable with your extremes, you’ll start to leave your extremes to make them comfortable with what you have to do. You’ll start to hate the fact that you need to be so extreme, because you will become unpopular

We have to realize lust is nothing to play with. What’s after you wants to end you and your future. You can’t be half in half out, and you can’t leave room for compromising. Your soul should be your priority

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