glazed donuts

everything is everything.

just like a year ago, I’m writing vessel’s birthday post on vessel’s birthday. just like last year, I spent a few days beforehand wondering when inspiration would hit. and just like every year, every post really, the stars aligned pretty quickly.

did I think I’d go a whole year without posting? yes and no. last year I was waiting to take the MCAT (I did great btw!), and this year I’m waiting to start my postbacc program. I’ve moved to a new city, found a new nail salon, made new friends. but even with all that change, a lot of me feels the same. I’m still doing a million things, some out of obligation, some whenever I want to, some much later than I wanted to because I overthought about them until I forgot about them. blogging has fallen into the latter two categories for a long time now.

there’s still a lot to figure out. I feel like a vessel melted down, ready to be reshaped. I vaguely remember talking to a friend about the purpose of a thing changing when its shape does, always a good time chatting with SDD. but I’ll save those thoughts for another day. right now, I’m looking forward to the push and pull of getting settled into a new season, with less expectations than I’ve had in the past. we’ll just have to wait and see how the phoenix rises from its most recent bout in the ashes.

a n y w a y, glazed donuts.

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