I know I’ve been posting on Sundays, but this week, we make an exception

because today is my birthday (seriously thanking God for another year of life)

plus, I have a surprise for y’all

if you know me in real life (or have been keeping up with this blog for awhile–almost at the 3-year mark!), you know I do a lot of things

like, my to-do list is rarely empty, but the actual tasks often vary greatly

I have the blog, the vlog, the art. but it’s kinda all over the place, and I’m not the biggest fan of linktree

so what did I do? I made my own

well, my own website


all of the things are there. the most recent things are LUNA, which I blog for, and Shade of Red, which I edit for. very fun times.

I’m posting this on my socials at 6, but you faithful readers get a slight sneak peek. thank you for rocking with me all this years, or for randomly choosing to stop by (please subscribe!)

enjoy my birthday present to you (:

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