hey guys, welcome to my channelll

I feel like Swae Lee showing up 40 minutes to Zoom Slope Day (my bad y’all)


this quarantine thing has been interesting

one minute I’m packing up my dorm and saying bye to friends, then I’m home for things like Mother’s Day for the first time in 3 years, and then I’m graduating??? I’ll probably get my degree before y’all hear from me again, wild


anyway, I haven’t been writing as much but I have been doing stuff! I’m hoping to have a nice lil portfolio put together soon, but I have to finish my thesis first. yes. expect a story time on that eventually, probably via YouTube, since that’s the most recent addition to my Renaissance Woman Resume:

IN MY DEFENSE, I was not planning for this to go on YouTube. you hear me make a lot of references Instagram because I truly thought I’d be sharing this testimony through IGTV, just for it to be way too long lol. I ended up posting it on my Vessel in the Valley YouTube page, which already existed because of an old performance I’d posted. that performance is now /gone/ because it took me over a year to realize the video was cut short :-))) go through your own content y’all–that’s a story for another day. I’ll put up a full version eventually!

but yee, I talk about this poem and pretty much all of college in this video, and since posting it I’ve had a lot of ideas to finish up the series and just make more content in general. but first, THESIS! (good) changes are definitely underway and I’m excited to see what this all looks like in the end, but that’s the most recent life update I have for y’all ✨

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