love is love, pt.1/?

ight lemme get to it

I told myself if I have time to watch anime (I gave it up for Lent #notcatholicjustdevelopingdiscipline) then I have time to write this blog post, but then I still wasn’t writing this blog post because social media is a TRAP

I’m also fasting from Twitter and may not go back fully, stay tuneddd

anyway, I need to focus. this post is currently untitled because I don’t know where it’ll end, but it started on my Instagram Story yesterday morning. here’s what I had to say:

“I just had a thought but my laptop is taking too long to boot so we’re taking it back to the Bible Study via Snapchat days, summer ’17

so apparently I hate the phrase labor of love

it came to mind bc I’m quick to remake my playlists on other platforms for people who don’t use Apple Music, and I’d feel a way if someone tried to make it a big deal. it’s just love to me, adding “labor” makes it sound like a chore

‘I love you’ is always confirmed/reaffirmed by the actions that follow. ‘love is patient, love is kind’, how would we know these things if we didn’t see them? those aren’t passive adjectives, like blue or big. they’re seen in action because love is active. can the action be seen as labor? if you’d like. but there’s a lot of connotation (overtone, emotional association) that I think takes away from what love really means/is

oooo and then you have all types of love, agape, eros, all dem”


will this be a long post or am I gonna chop it up? we don’t know yet

but when I talk about all types of love, these are dem

some philosophers and psychologists stop at the first four, but I have neither of those job descriptions. I just think they’re all cool and there are probably more definitions, if you look at other languages. but a quick summary of the Greek words would be:

eros – sexual, passionate love

philia – friendship, shared goodwill

storge – familial love

agape – universal love

ludus – playful, uncommitted love

pragma – practical love

philautia – self-love

the article I linked says more, and I could give my own descriptions in another post *eye emoji eye emoji*. but there being so many kinds of love just backs up my morning thought. you can’t tell what kind of love a person has for you if you don’t see the actions to back it up

(I did stop to think about words of affirmation, made me lose my train of thought for a minute but I just got hit with some verses so we move)((AND I have a title now))

‘ “This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. ‘

John 15:12-13 NASB 

Amplified Classic translation says ‘ No one has greater love [no one has shown stronger affection]’.  ACTION WORDS. Love isn’t passive, nothing about this walk with Christ is passive tbh. Faith without works is dead yeah? Not that faith can be earned, but stay with me (talking to myself rn).

There is work that is done, motivated by love. But *love* takes work. If y’all want single pringle me to talk about relationships, I can go there. But I Corinthians 13 lays it out. We know love, God’s love, because He told us what it is. I guess all of this is to encourage us all to keep putting in that work. I’ve been more mindful of my relationships recently, s/o to my therapist. As much as I want to be treated like a Pampered Pretty Princess, other people have wants as well. They have needs. This sank in afresh as I was chatting with a mentee and saw myself go into full Mom Mode as I checked in with her. She needed care and comfort in that moment. She needed love, and I saw that. With everything that’s going on, we have be compassionate and attentive to how those around us need to be loved right now. Love is love, but how we show it matters. lol @ me getting serious at the end, you know I’m not playin around when I capitalize my sentences 😂 til next time!

be blessed bbys

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