frozen 2 review, but make it about God

I watched Frozen 2 two nights ago, for the second time

by choice

I grew up a Disney girl and will always be a Disney girl

but because I’m also a thinker, I wrote down the quotes that resonated with me and reflected on them, blog-style, in my journal afterwards

think I love you 3,000, but Disney.


this post will make the most sense if you’ve watched the movie, which makes more sense if you’ve watched the first one, but I’ll try to add enough context for those of y’all who just want the key points! I kinda float back and forth between talking to me and talking to y’all, so as always, let me know if you need any clarification in the comments! anything not italicized was added after my original journal sesh. *insert Into The Unknown-related pun as a good transistion*


“3.27.2020 | 12:54 AM

Frozen 2 was a good movie

I wrote some things down

  • “when one can see no future, all one can do is the next right thing”wrote that down twice
  • “I’m afraid of what I’m risking if I follow you”
  • “if all is lost, then all is found”
  • “until the river’s finally crossed, you’ll never feel the solid ground”

The first quote is originally said by Grand Pabbie, an old troll who can see visions. He pulls up to check on Queen Elsa and Princess Anna because the kingdom’s falling apart, but his vision has no conclusion. When there’s nothing to be seen, Grand Pabbie says the only thing to do is the next right thing. This comes up again when Anna’s dealing with grief, like big grief. She’d run off after her sister Elsa without saying goodbye to her man, (who’s been doing his best to propose, poor thing) and now her sister’s most likely dead. We say most likely because the magical snowman Elsa brought to life, who Elsa pushed away with Anna to try and protect them, just lost his magic.  And is definitely dead. So Anna’s fully alone, frustrated and defeated. At first, she considers succumbing to the darkness (of grief). She actually says she’s ready to.

“I’ve seen dark before
But not like this
This is cold
This is empty
This is numb
The life I knew is over
The lights are out
Hello, darkness
I’m ready to succumb”


Made me think of my toni morrison poem. But she knows that despite the utter lack that life has left her with, she has to do the next right thing. So she perseveres. This analysis ends kinda abruptly because I wasn’t ready to get into it yet, but more on this train of thought later.

The second quote is the one I heard first. It’s from Elsa, who’s going back and forth with an angelic voice she’s been hearing. She wants to follow it, but she recognizes her responsibility to her kingdom. As she goes on, we realize that Elsa doesn’t fear the journey, just what she puts at risk by taking it. Our want for adventure is often stifled by our fear of disrupting life as we know it. Funnily enough, the voice turns out to be Elsa calling to herself. Don’t think too about it too hard lol, I’m reading this article and they have their own explanation but *mine works too*. The truth of who she is and where she came from is only found as a result of taking this risk, so she was really scared of finding herself. Of following herself to find herself. mood.

Another way to look at this quote is to see the “You” as God. Whether you’re coming to Christ as an adult, or have known Him since you were a kid and had to hold onto Him as your understanding of the world grew, following Him can look very risky. The Bible has all these rules, all these standards to commit to and big sins to avoid, but everyone else is living their best life so why can’t you? 😦 Gotta miss out on all the fun stuff AND encourage others to give up on their fun to? That’s what it can feel like, until you realize that the biggest risk is found in losing God. I’ve been on both sides of the fence, but there’s really nothing this world can offer that outdoes God.

‘Whom have I in heaven but You? And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You. My flesh and my heart fail; But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.’

Psalms 73:25-26

The third quote hit me very quickly. Sometimes I just know a thing makes sense, but finding the words to explain how can be tricky. I did my best sha. Also a line from Anna’s grief song, (it’s actually from the lullaby) it just makes sense to me. If all is lost, all must be found. If it’s not with you, it must be *somewhere*–this isn’t Schroedinger’s box. (I’m very proud of myself for spelling that that right in my journal) And while figuring something, or someone, out, if you know what it isn’t, you also have a better idea of what it really is. Also, when you have nothing in your hands, they’re open and free to receive anything. Losing what you have can also mean losing your limits. #thisisaWickedstanaccount

total movie review moment: I love how Broadway™️ it felt

Last quote, I think you have to listen to Rivers like 700 times to understand this one the way I do. All through the movie, they’re talking about Altoho-sumn, which is a river their mother would sing to them about in a lullaby. In the song, the “river” in the 1st verse becomes “mother” in the 2nd–yay foreshadowing. It all comes together when Elsa follows the voice (her voice) to Ahtohallan and finds her mother there as well. Really touching moment. I don’t remember when exactly this last quote is sung (it’s also in the lullaby lol duh), but it hit because I feel like I get caught up while I’m on the river. The waves are crashing and it’s dark and I’m freaking out, but instead of forging forward, I freeze. The fact that I’m in/on the river is louder than the fact that there must be solid land on the other side. So a perspective shift is definitely needed to get me through. The song comes in because there, the River is the Lord’s presence. Which I seek (turns out the lyric is “need” and not “seek”, but both make sense. my brain be movin y’all), word to Psalm 73 + 46. 

“I lay me down in
The rivers of Your presence
This is what I’ve been waiting for
Here is my heart surrendered, Lord”


But being here isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, because I’m still on this Earth. I’ll still experience loss and be thrown into grief, into darkness. Thankfully, I can know it won’t last, not forever. But if my perspective isn’t steady, I start freaking out again. I started wrapping up here because it’s simply where I am in my journey. I was also getting physically and mentally tired because of all the acrobatics I did to keep up with these trains of thought. And now I’ll leave them for one more day, to see if anything else comes to me. (Day 3: not much did). I like how I ended this, though.


It takes practice

Discipline is a habit, and I’m developing it

I’m trying on passion, perseverance, patience

None of these things om easily, but going after them will always be the next right thing


be blessed bbys

1:18 AM”


“This grief has a gravity
It pulls me down
But a tiny voice whispers in my mind
“You are lost, hope is gone
But you must go on
And do the next right thing”


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