what did I miss?

Hey y’all! I know it’s been awhile, so before we return to our regularly scheduled programming, here’s a quick recap of what I’ve been up to!

Listening to music:

My Master List

(favs: Let The Rain of Your Presence, Jesus, We Love You, Have Mercy, Empty Me Out, Withholding Nothing)

My Fav Favs

Christian Rap

(favs: Ten Toes, Morning, Ten Toes, Ten Toes, All’s I Need, Ten Toes)

Gospel Afrobeats

(favs: Yes, I Pray (Nwa Oge Nta), Thousand Tongues, CCTV)

((all of the links are to Apple Music but I can make Spotify playlists if anyone wants them. updated regularly!))


Who I AM Says I Am

(s/o to my big sis Ebun, her blog is amazing!)

Watching videos:

Relationship Goals

(great series, will have you rethinking ALL of your relationships)


(another series… just watch it.)

Alpha Chapter AKA Denounces  + Alpha Chapter AKA Undergrad Process

(she talks about more than Greek life, but if Greek life is a part of your life or on your radar… check it out)

Grace Is

(full transparency, I haven’t watched the rest of this series yet because the first message DRAGGED ME, we’ll get there though)

Relating to podcasts:

Jesus & Jollof

(Luvvie and Yvonne are my aunties now)

…and a WHOLE BUNCH of other stuff. Dressing (no salad), retweeting memes, doing research, re-learning the piano, reading for fun, adjusting to being a Junior, juggling leadership positions, planning lunch dates… Quick Word of Wisdom from Wura: being busy doesn’t mean you’re being productive. Save time for yourself! For Him! I’m in the process of reclaiming my time and giving it to myself to do what’s important, even if it seems daunting. Sometimes I need time for me, tea, and a good book, but sometimes, I need to grind. During this mini-hiatus, I’ve been really appreciative of what I’ve already written, because God hid some GEMS even in my oldest posts and poems. What you’ve already done should motivate you to move forward.

There’s a lot coming up, for this blog and for my life. I’ve been doing a lot of note taking recently, but even students can teach others and share their testimonies. If you’ve been wondering if you’re good enough, or beating yourself up for messing up AGAIN, stop. Comparison has no right to steal your joy. Temptation has no right to derail you. When you know the Truth, lies lose their power over you.

Like I said in a letter to myself, this moment is a gift, so do your best to be present. With all of its mountains and valleys, don’t let life live you.

More coming soon!

be blessed bbys ✨


p.s. is there any specific content y’all want to see from Vessel? use the contact page!

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